Associate Director - Formulation Development

Date: Sep 26, 2022

Location: Shanghai, CN

Company: Beiersdorf

Your Profile

- University degree (chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, pharmacy) with PhD and at least 4 years of professional experience, including 2 years professional experience as Lab Manager I or work of comparable complexity

- Alternatively: University degree with MA and at least 7 years of relevant professional experience, including 2 years experiences working as Lab Manger I or work of comparable complexity

- Alternatively: University degree with BA and at least 6 years of relevant professional experience as a technician, followed by at least another 2 years of professional experience either as Junior Manager, Technology Manager or Research Scientist, followed by at least 3 years of professional experience as Lab Manager

- Fluent in written and spoken English - Proficient in MS Office

Your Tasks

Planning and Supervision of Projects

The job holder plans and manages projects Independently in his/her area and generates ideas for new projects. He/ She coordinates measures with all important interfaces (see below), plans the resources for the project, monitors the progress of the project also in adjacent departments, ensures that the project is completed on schedule (timing and resources) and provides for appropriate documentation of the end results. The JH regularly informs his/her superior of the project's progress. In case of deviations from the initial plan he/she coordinates with his/her superior how to proceed.

Development of New Product Concepts

He/ She supports Marketing in developing new marketing concepts for innovative products. He/ She develops these concepts himself/herself for new technologies/products ("Technology Push") but also suggests new technical solutions for new consumer concepts ("Market Pull"). The JH contributes substantially to ensuring the pipeline in his/her area.

Information and Knowledge Management

The JH ensures the flow of information within his/her area but also to adjacent interfaces and thus creates work efficiency and the basis for turning ideas into innovations. He/ She ensures appropriate documentation of results. He/ She publishes his/her findings within Beiersdorf (Brands, Marketing) and outside of Beiersdorf in journals and in consultation with R&D's executive committee at conferences.


The JH monitors the patent situation in his/her work area in order to exclude patent infractions by Beiersdorf, and prepares his/her own patent applications in order to give Beiersdorf the opportunity to solely use an exclusivity property (POD) as long as possible. Ensures research, analysis and interpretation of results, including pointing out alternatives in case of patent infractions and that his/her superior is informed.

Budget Planning and Management

The JH plans the budget for his/her area together with the department head and ensures correctness by an appropriate control. He/ She develops measures and sets priorities for economical use of the allotted budget in his/her area.

Organization and Leadership

The JH is responsible for an appropriate organization and allocation of tasks in his/her area in consultation with his/her superior. The JH guides, develops and motivates his/her subordinates according to BDF policies. The JH implements necessary measures for individual staff members in accordance with the HR department.

Laboratory Safety

The JH is responsible in consultation with his/her superior that all safety related aspects of the accident prevention regulations and occupational health and safety standards are complied with in his/her area. He/ She initiates necessary training courses. Interfaces Outside R&D the most important interfaces are with the areas: BLU, Marketing Services, HR, Packaging Management, Manufacturing Technologies, Production Centers (PCs), Market Leader Units (MLUs), Quality Safety Regulatory) (QSR), Brands Development Regions (BOR), Procurement, external institutions (agencies, universities, suppliers, etc.).

Your Profile