Senior Technologist

Date: Jun 14, 2024

Location: Shanghai, CN

Company: Beiersdorf

Your Tasks

The purposes of this position are:

  1. Evaluate hair product performance by means of instrument to support product claim substantiation and formula efficacy evaluation. Independently operate all instrument and carry out the field work execution on time in full, test protocol design, test data analysis, debriefing/report and archiving. The documentation shall be made continuously throughout the projects with the latest information available normally as written reports.
  2. Show innovation capability on the instrumental evaluation methodology development and innovation for new unmet needs from R&D teams, further workout the detailed SOP or protocol in coordination with manager.
  3. Have the creativity and encourage innovation on DEMO creation, monitor the competition DEMO and analyze insight to share as inspiration.
  4. Carry out the on-going maintenance of the test methods in terms of further standardization and optimization potentials in coordination with manager, if necessary, indispensable adaption and refinement of the applied protocol in trial.
  5. Work seamlessly with cross functional team and communicate well with IIM lab to specify the test request, if necessary, English presentations in internal meetings with cooperating expert departments in R & D is to present testing results powerfully. It is necessary to show the ability to work under pressure and tight schedule.
  6. Work closely with suppliers to scout the new device/methodology. Independently search and study the scientific literature to track the new technology trend and participating scientific conferences with summarized findings and outputs on relevant domain, further being beneficial to daily work.

Your Profile


1. Master and above degree in a relevant scientific field (natural sciences, e.g. chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, pharmacy, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.), 3-5 year of relevant professional experience.  

2. 3-5 year of experiences on hair efficacy In-vitro/In vivo test or hair claim substantiation is necessary, the experience on demo creation and scientific communication is preferred.

3. Excellent communication skill on test result interpretation or different interfaces on expectation management.

4. Candidate with character of scientific thinking, evaluation knowledge on hair/skin, diligent and working friendly is preferred

5. Fluent English in both verbal and written

6. Self-motivated, good teamwork spirit and well handing work stress.

7. Familiarity in MS-Office/data statistical analysis and image analysis software is preferred